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Content Creation

Idea, execution, print-ready comps. From start to finish — allow me to create your next winning direct mail campaign. Concept, design, all copy and graphics. One source, all-inclusive. That’s why companies large and small have called on the “Producer” for years. Direct mail packages, magazine and newspaper advertisements, sales letters, megalogs, package inserts, brochures, postcards, self-mailers . . . virtually any category . . . I have years of experience in the marketing “trenches,” blending persuasive, tactical copy and graphics with on-target, results-driven sales appeals which have generated staggering revenues from all corners of the globe. U.S. and international clients welcome.


When it comes to direct response marketing, “copy” may be king but well-coordinated design surely brings out the fire. Most copywriters hand off the baton when they’re done writing, but I create all elements, delivering not only bullseye copy but full design services as well — eye-catching, sometimes provocative, always powerfully executed and on-point. AND ALL AT ONE PRICE! Why settle for piecemeal creative or less when you can turn your project over to the solo direct mail specialist who’s been conceiving and producing winners for years. Elite copywriting, all layout and design services, graphic images, font selection . . . call me today to discuss your business absolutely free.

Direct Mail Packages Graphic

Direct Mail Packages

DMP’s come in many shapes and sizes, and through the years I have devised them all in various forms and components. Every element of a direct mail package should reinforce the main selling points and convincingly build the case for a prospect to make a positive purchasing decision.

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Space Ads Graphic

Space Ads

People never purchase a newspaper or magazine to peruse the ads, so something interesting and scintillating better jump out at them. Headlines dominate the scale of importance in space ads, so it pays to write out numerous variations before making a final decision. You only get one shot to grab your prospect’s eye and emotion.

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Megalogs Graphic


Crafted to look like a magazine but to sell a product, a megalog can be several pages in length or several dozen. Expensive to produce, megalogs experienced a golden age some years ago, especially in the health arena. Popular with “repeat” products or sophisticated single items that command a loftier price point.

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Postcards Graphic


One of the mainstays of direct response marketing has always been the humble but cost-efficient postcard. Personalized and sent by either first class or standard mail, postcards can be terrifically effective for a plethora of products and services, both as a point of sale medium or as a lead generator. Generally I employ creative on both sides.

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Self Mailers Graphic

Self Mailers

If you have a large customer file of repeat buyers, particularly in the area of consumable products — a self-mailer with a built-in envelope for quick, hassle-free ordering can produce a strong response. Likewise, large broadsides folded down several times, particularly if advertising a newsworthy product or service, can be an effective option.

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Brochures Graphic


Usually incorporated as part of an overall direct mail package, the “brochure” is typically the “visual” component which complements and fortifies the overall promotional effort with photographs and/or illustrations featuring prominent product characteristics central to the sales theme. A brochure may be copy-heavy or minimalistic in verbiage.

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Sales Letters Graphic

Sales Letters

Probably the single most important component in any mailing, the effective sales letter must both “tell” and “sell.” This is where you explain your product or service — this is where you strategically ‘close’ your prospect. Short or long, the job of a sales letter is to convince and motivate.

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Package Inserts Graphic

Package Inserts

If you have a product that lends itself to a complete story in a single sales piece, you have passed the litmus test for a viable and successful package insert. Inserts can be elaborate or basic, and can save substantial dollars in annual postage costs while generating considerable bonus revenues or supplemental profits.

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NOTE: The portfolio of samples displayed for your review represent a miscella­neous assortment of work created through many years in business. In an effort to exhibit both old and new, please note that some of the entries have been electronically refreshed or recreated because I only possessed hard copies in my archives.

In instances where I was assigned a project from an advertising agency, the design may have been executed by a third party commissioned by the advertising agency or altered by their in-house creative director whose authorization to make such modifications was beyond my control.

It is also important to note that some of the creative work shown in this portfolio represents raw, unabridged copy and design submitted directly to clients, and as such, may have undergone amendment and/or legal editing at the discretion of the marketer prior to publication. The portfolio showcases my abilities and talents as a premier direct response specialist and independent, single source contractor providing both powerful copywriting and complementary design services.

Please feel free to contact me immediately to discuss your business and marketing needs privately.

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