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Rich Neukranz

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Neukranz Advertising delivers crisp, print-ready comps and skillfully polished copy targeted to the audience and demographic intended. Indeed — top work requires the aptitude of a scientist blended with the imagination of a novelist.

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They say direct mail is a dead goose. To me, that’s like saying marketing and salesmanship in general is finished. I don’t agree.
Although it’s true — people read what they want to read, trust me: If I wrote a full page advertisement about YOU
personally and published it in a daily newspaper or magazine, you would eyeglass every word.

David Ogilvy used to look for trumpeter swans. Mighty rare and elusive, yes, but when you find one, you have located a gem.
Direct selling isn’t about silly humor and cheeky wisecracks. It’s about steely-scrupulous strategy and execution, grabbing the attention
of your prospect and leading him or her down your sales aisle and into your checkout cart.

What Does That Require?

Experience. Insight. Internal brainstorming. Tactical judgement. Creative juice. Long hours.
Deep thought. Solitude. Diligence. Savvy. Refinement. Deliberation. EFFORT.

Direct Response Organizations, Advertising Agencies, Fortune 500’s, Charities,
Guerrilla Marketers, Entrepreneurs, New Product Launches . . .
Call Me Now For Your Next Commanding Creative — Richard Neukranz, The “Producer!"

Consider... you commission a copywriter who cannot design. You hire a designer who cannot write. What does that leave you? At best, a hodgepodge of incongruence. An uncoordinated creative and incompatible message. Worse, a recipe for futility and squandered revenues.

Allow me to take you to the next level of income and profit. Many have tried to beat my efforts, dethrone me. It doesn’t happen often. Why? Painstaking attention to detail. Sizzling copy. Meaningful graphics. Knowing how to break through the secret barriers of human motivation and hit the "hot buttons" that spell marketing success. Are you ready to skyrocket your business?

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